Chain Slings

Take a look at the chain slings made available by Saturn Industries Ltd. We offer grade 80 and 100 chain slings used for overhead lifting.

How to Order

The following should be given on orders or inquiries for chain slings:

  1. Size: This is specified by the size of the material from which the chain is made, determined by the working load limit required
  2. Reach: This is the length, including attachments, measured from bearing point to bearing point (pull to pull)
  3. Type: Select and specify the proper type of sling from the list shown:
    • S – single sling
    • O – oblong sling
    • SH – sling hook
    • SSH – safety sling hook
  4. Attachments: Unless otherwise specified, standard master links and hooks will be used. When other than standard master links and hooks are required, we should be given a complete description or drawing of the requested substitute.

All Saturn chain slings are tagged with the above information for easy visual inspection. They are also tagged with a serial number for tracking.

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