Synthetic Rope

Order top-quality synthetic rope from Saturn Industries Ltd in Winnipeg.

3 Strand Yellow Polypropylene Rope

Twice as strong as manila rope, polyester is about as strong as nylon. It retains full strength even when wet, a major characteristic that makes polyester particularly suitable for holding a ship at dockside. While it is slightly resistant to some alkalis, it is strongly resistant to acids. Furthermore, it is not susceptible to deterioration caused by rot, mildew, or moisture. Its specific gravity is 1.36, and its abrasion resistance is approximately the same as manila rope.

3 Strand Manila Rope

Manila rope is a natural fibre rope manufactured from selected high and medium grade fibres, with its original raw material being abaca. These ropes suit the demands of shipping, construction and agriculture. No. 1 manila rope is general purpose rope best suited for jobs where economy, strength and durability are necessary. It has great resistance to mildew and agricultural deterioration, making the rope very environmentally friendly.

3 Strand Hollow Braid Rope

Hollow braid rope is light weight and economical. It is offered in many other colours. Hollow braid rope also has an elastic elongation ranging from 10% to 30% of total break strength. 10% is at 4.5%. 20% is at 5.5%, and 30% is at 6.5%.

AmSteel® Blue Rope

AmSteel® Blue rope is a 12 strand braided rope utilizing Parallay design without proprietary blue Samthane coating with Dyneema® SK-75 fibre. This rope yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and is stronger than wire rope construction – yet it floats. It has superior flex, fatigue and wear resistance. AmSteel® Blue is stronger than wire and has the same elongation as wire, 10% at .46%, 20% at .7% and 30% at .96%.

Dual Braid Polyester Rope

Dual braid is a para-braid construction and has a polyester core and cover. It is variegated red and green with a single green marker. Avoid all abrasive conditions, chemical conditions and overheating when using this rope.

AmSteel® II Rope

This is a double braided rope that derives its high strength from a braided Dyneema® fibre core. The braided polyester cover creates a firm rope and serves as abrasion protection to the strength core. This rope has extremely low elongation 10% at .5%, 20% at .67% and 30% at .96% of break strength and is a light-weight replacement for wire rope. It can be used for trawl, bridle, purse seine and winch.

Tenex Rope

Tenex is a 12 strand, Samthane-coated, high-tenacity polyester rope offering high strength coupled with low stretch and outstanding abrasion resistance. Its abrasion resistance and firmness is due to a special Samthane coating which allows for easy splicing while enhancing wear life and snag resistance. It is a viable alternative to using double braids when easy field slicing and economy are major considerations. Tenex has elastic elongation ratings at 10% at 1.4%, 20% at 2.3%, and 30% at 3% of break strength. This rope can be used for trawl, bridle, gill net lead, cork, purse seine, pulling and stringing line. It is also used for rodeo, rigging and utility purposes.

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