Eye & Eye Webbed Polyester Slings

Synthetic web slings are constructed of polyester material and offer several attractive features which promote their popularity among rigging products. They are often selected when expensive, highly polished, fragile or delicate loads must be lifted. The softness of the web will not mar, deface or scratch loads, while its flexibility assures a firm, secure grip around the item being lifted. The light weight of the material, combined with its superb flexibility, allows the slings to be quickly and safely handled by riggers.

Web slings have a long life cycle because they are unaffected by moisture, mildew, rot and certain chemicals.

Synthetic web slings are manufactured from light or heavy duty material that has been surface treated to improve abrasion resistance, seal out moisture and prevent grit from penetrating the web, causing internal wear.

Mechanical Considerations for Eye & Eye Slings:

  1. Determine weight of the load
  2. Select sling with suitable characteristics for the type of load, hitch and environment
  3. Slings shall not be loaded in excess of the rated capacity
  4. Slings with fittings used in a choker hitch shall be of sufficient length to assure that the choking action is on the webbing
  5. Slings used in a basket hitch shall have the load balanced to prevent slippage
  6. Slings shall not be dragged on the floor or over an abrasive surface
  7. Slings shall not be twisted, tied into knots, or joined by knotting
  8. Slings shall not be pulled from under loads when the load is resting on the sling
  9. Do not drop sling equipped with metal fitting
  10. The opening in the fittings shall be the proper shape and size to ensure that the fitting will seat properly in the hook or other attachments

Basic Web Sling Types

  • Type 3(EE) – Slings both ends with an eye (choice of straight or tapered eyes)
  • Type 4(EE) – Same basic type as Type 3 but eyes are twisted at a right angle to the sling body
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